First Fill American Oak “The Glenlivet Nadurra”

Let’s face it, where I’m blogging from is classified as the land down under. Australia.
And it’s fitting that on the outside of the carton for the Glenlivet Nadurra the label was coincidentally placed upside down. Is this an indication that the Nadurra is going to turn my pallet and taste buds inside out and upside down?

The Glenlivet distillery is located in the Speyside region of Moray, Scotland.

This distillery has been producing whisky since its foundation in 1824 and is known as “the Single Malt that started it all”. After all, it was the first legal Distillery within the Livet Valley.

Of interesting note, the Glenlivet  has only one reported major stoppage occurring during the Second World War. However by 1947 the Distillery was back in action and was producing their fine Dram once again. Production of Whiskey following WWII was so important for the Scottish economy, that Bread rations remained in place until 1948 to ensure that local distilleries have sufficient grain to continue producing Whiskey. Fast forward to today, The Glenlivet is now the world’s number two selling whisky brand and proudly holds the first position within the US of A.

This global domination has taken great work and investment with the Distillery undertaking a 10 million pound upgrade in 2010. This saw the Distillery increase production by a whopping 75% with the addition of a new mash tun, eight traditional Oregon pine wash backs and six additional copper stills.


The Nadurra First Fill American Oak Single Malt whisky which I got my hands on was bottled in January 2015 and came from Batch No FF0115. This is cask Strength whisky at its finest, and if Homer Simpson didn’t have hair on his chest before this, then after a sip of the 59.8% dram, he would surely be a different man/cartoon…


The Nadurra is matured in Virgin American Oak casks and is bottled at cask strength. The Glenlivet actually give a great summary on what that actually means:

“Rather than referring to any process the whisky has gone through, cask strength refers to what has not been done. Most whiskies are brought down to a standard percentage of alcohol by volume, or proof, by adding water to the spirit before bottling so that each batch is consistent. However, a cask strength whisky is bottled at the strength at which it’s drawn from the cask – nothing is added, and nothing is taken away.” (yes, cue Homer drooling again…)

The Glenlivet with my Denver and Liely

The Glenlivet Nadurra with my Denver and Liely


The Glenlivet Nadurra Claim: An absolute treat of soft vanilla fudge notes, sweet ripe pears, creamy chocolate, marmalade and cloves. Coconuts and sultanas make an appearance and even a hint of blackberry.

WHISKEYTEK Review: Strong presence of vanilla and the sweetness of the blackberries is prominent. 


The Glenlivet Nadurra Claim: A tantalisingly rich delivery to the palate with abundant malt, sweet toasty oak, custard and treacle pudding followed by a tropical mix of juicy pineapple and ripe banana cut with a zesty citrus flourish.

WHISKEYTEK Review: Undiluted, the Nadurra almost dances on your pallet and packs a delightful punch. However given the cask strength, it is best enjoyed with the addition of a small amount of room temperature water. This softens the impact on the pallet and allows you to more thoroughly enjoy the strong presence of Malt, the Citrus burst along with the presence of the Oak infusion.


The Glenlivet Nadurra Claim: Long and satisfying with a balance of barley and oak.

WHISKEYTEK Review:  Smooth once diluted with a few drops of water, and portrays an even hit across the tongue.  




59.8% Alc/vol

So the question is would I buy it again…Yes. The Nadurra in my collection has NAS (No age Statement) and there may be a few bottles here or there from a prior 16 year release…If I can locate this release, its going in my collection!

Whiskytek…over and out.



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  2. Not a very good drinker, but this sounds amazing. For sure I will try it at the Christmas festivities. May share with my beautiful family as well. Have a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Good post.

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