The Balvenie Doublewood – Double good?

Earlier this year I attended WhiskyLive in Perth and what a great event. There were over 75 different Whiskys on sample from more than 30 global distilleries. Bring on Whiskylive2017!

One of the bottles I picked up was The Balvenie Doublewood aged 12 years Single Malt Whisky. But does the Doublewood make it double good?

The Balvenie Distillery is situated in the Speyside region of Dufftown, North Eastern Scotland and has been in production for 130 years with its first Malt being distilled in 1886 by the founding father William Grant.

Speyside Whiskys are known for their sweetness and are generally more subtle on the palette and The Balvenie Doublewood, aged 12 years is no exception.


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This fine Whisky has been matured over 12 years in two different Casks. The first stage of its life sees the Whisky Mature in Whisky Oak Casks which allows the Whiskey to mellow, whilst infusing vanilla spiciness.  The second stage sees The Balvenie Doublewood finish its maturation in European Oak Sherry Casks which brings depth to the Whisky whilst infusing fruity honey complexities.



Compared to other Whiskys i have tried, The Balvenie Doublewood is more subtle on the pallet than on the nose. On raising my glass, the sherry aroma lets its presence be known which adds to the overall enjoyment of the experience.


The Balvenie Doublewood12 year old is a highly celebrated whisky, winning several gold and silver medals over the last few years including wining Gold in 2012 in the San Francisco World Spirit Awards.


The Balvenie Doublewood Claim: Sweet fruit and Oloroso sherry notes, layered with honey and vanilla.

WHISKEYTEK Review: This whisky has definitely taken on the Sherry notes from its second cask maturation. Honey and vanilla is present with hints of spices


The Balvenie Doublewood Claim: Smooth and mellow with beautifully combined flavours ~ nutty sweetness, cinnamon spiciness and a delicately proportioned layer of sherry.

WHISKEYTEK Review: Gentle on the pallet with an even balance of flavours covering the apex and back of the tongue. Balance of Honey, Sherry and Vanilla. Slight spices peak on the pallet.


The Balvenie Doublewood Claim: Long and Warming

WHISKEYTEK Review:  Sherry lingers long into the warm finish.





40% Alc/vol


There’s no two ways around it…this is a nice Whisky. Subtle, non intrusive on the pallet and with enough infused complexity to let your pallet know its present.

Whiskytek…over and out.

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  1. Nice review. My husband likes a whiskey every now and then, but always stick to the same brand. I may surprise him for his birthday in September.

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