Armorik – A French Single Malt Classic for the Ages.

Many of us dream of traveling through the French country side, admiring its beauty and enjoying the abundance of amazing flavours encapsulating this enchanting country.

I’ve been fortunate enough to pay homage to this great Whisky Distilling country on two occasions. If you are yet to make your way there, then Armoirk is a perfect means of bringing some Classic French flavours direct to your pallet.

You may not realise that beyond Caviar, Escargot and the Classic Bouillabaisse, the French are per capita, the highest consumers of Whisky in the World.

No doubt, Armorik, produced by Warenghem Distillery has had a play in this.




Armorik, Double Maturation Whisky Breton Single Malt Whisky, is one of eight Whisky Distilled by Warenghem. The Armoik Double Maturation sits just below the top of the range Armoik Cellar Master.

What sets the Armorik Double Maturation Whisky apart from the other Armorik range is that this Whisky is actually aged in Breton Oak sourced locally within France. The rest of the Armorik range is matured in traditional ex-bourbon, American and Spanish Oak casks. The Breton casks are far more dense in chemistry which limits the amount of tannins and woody flavours that build up in traditional Oak casks. Along with the Distillery’s 100m deep, limestone clad well which provides a slightly elevated acidity level, these unique properties help the Armorik Double Maturation Whisky deliver a highly complex whisky.



Armorik Double Maturation Whisky Claim: Fruity and elegant, with beautiful notes of citrus and apple, all served with salted butter caramel

WHISKEYTEK Review: I definitely pickup the citrus, apple and a certain sweetness. The sweetness may be from the Salted Butter Caramel as claimed by Warenghem.


Armorik Double Maturation Whisky Claim: Very soft and round on the beginning, the complexity comes through with spices, light woodiness and ripe fruits. Good volume and creamy mouthfeel

WHISKEYTEK Review: Armorik Double Maturation Whisky is certainly smooth, but certainly lets the Apex of your tongue know its present. The Whisky does fill your pallet and grows slight woody with spicy complexity over time.



Armorik Double Maturation Whisky Claim: Hints of heather honey come to the finish supported by warming malt and delightful marine note.

WHISKEYTEK Review: The warming malt is beautiful and there’s a rather subtle hint of honey.







46% Alc/vol


Let me know if you have tried this French Classic and the flavour profile you picked up.

Whiskytek…over and out.

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